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Unsecured Loans

Laurent Saint Blog / salary advance December 21, 2022

Traditionally, well-to-do individuals were the ones who had access to loans to either expand their big businesses or build a karental on that piece of land bought when Kenya was still learning to sit. Loans were synonymous with portly (retired) civil servants who had nothing better to do. That tradition…

Check Off Loan

What is a check-off loan? A check-off loan is a type of loan provided by an employer to an employee, with the loan payments being deducted directly from the employee’s salary. The employer acts as a facilitator of the loan, as they are responsible for deducting the loan payments from…

Our Mission to our clients

Laurent Saint Blog / salary advance November 9, 2022

The great-souled, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand, once said that the customer is THE most important visitor that a business can ever have. That the whole universe, and by extension, the existence and sustenance of any business, wholly depends on the customer. Without the customer, nothing in a business works, and nothing…