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Loan Collateralization

Laurent Saint Blog / Loans / Personal finance January 23, 2023

what is a collateralized loan? Usually, when applying for a loan you personally guarantee its repayment in full. This includes putting your assets in line to cover the loan in case of a default. This is called collateralization of the loan. Collateralization is the act of using an asset as…


Laurent Saint Blog / Loans / Personal finance January 11, 2023

Kenya’s finance sector offers a lot of loan products. Secured loans are those that have collateral—an asset the debtor promises as collateral for the loan—as its backing. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender may seize the security to recover their losses. Collateral acts as an assurance that…

Types of check-off loans

Laurent Saint Blog / Loans / Personal finance December 12, 2022

In Kenya, check-off loans are a type of loan provided by an employer to an employee, with the loan payments being deducted directly from the employee’s salary. The employer acts as a facilitator of the loan, as they are responsible for deducting the loan payments from the employee’s salary and…