how to pay salary advance loan

Navigating through the process of paying for a salary advance loan can be straightforward if you’re equipped with the right information. Whether it’s due to an unexpected expense or a temporary financial shortfall, a salary advance loan can provide much-needed relief. However, it’s crucial to approach repayment methodically to avoid any financial hiccups. Here’s how […]

Introduction to Interest Rates and Their Importance in the Economy

Interest rates are pivotal to the economic landscape, serving as the price of money and a key determinant of borrowing and lending decisions. They influence various economic variables, including consumption, investment, inflation, exchange rates, and overall economic growth. Central banks often adjust interest rates as a tool to achieve macroeconomic objectives such as price stability,

Interest rates

5 indicators you are deep in debt

Being in constant debt poses a multifaceted challenge that extends beyond financial strain, impacting emotional well-being, and future prospects. High-interest payments, reduced financial flexibility, and strained relationships characterize the financial aspect, while stress, anxiety, and depression mark the emotional toll. This might lead to long-term consequences including perpetuating a cycle of debt, limiting opportunities, and

deep in debt

Why your loan repayment plan should be a priority in 2024

In a world dominated by debt, prioritizing loan repayments is crucial. It alleviates financial stress by boosting credit scores and enabling personal and professional growth. Managing loan payments efficiently helps achieve long-term goals like home ownership, entrepreneurship, and comfortable retirement. Additionally, a thorough repayment plan battles interest rates, prevents late fees, and fortifies against economic downturns, securing a stable financial future and empowering you as the ultimate financial superhero.

Loan repayment

Debt Management

Debt management in Kenya refers to the strategies and practices used by individuals, businesses, and government agencies to manage and reduce their debt

How to improve your credit rating in 2023

Having a good credit score is important for a variety of reasons, including making it easier to obtain loans and credit cards, qualifying for lower interest rates, and potentially even increasing your employment prospects. In Kenya, credit scores are used by financial institutions and other lenders to assess an individual’s creditworthiness, so it is important

10 tips to help you control your debt

Debt can be overwhelming and often feels like a never-ending cycle of payments and interest. I know this feeling all too well, as I used to be buried under a mountain of fuliza debt and personal loans. But, with determination and the right strategies, it is possible to take control of your debt and get

Debt control

Potential risks and consequences of defaulting on a loan in Kenya

Defaulting on a loan payment can have significant consequences for both the borrower and the lender. It can lead to financial problems for the borrower, damage their credit score, and potentially result in legal action being taken against them. In this report, we will explore the risks and consequences of defaulting on a loan payment

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