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Hela Pesa and the Salary Advance Revolution in Kenya

Salary advance in Kenya

There comes a time in a human’s life when it is inevitable that they will need help. Financial help to be exact. These are difficult times, especially for ordinary citizens with almost double-digit inflation rates and the price of basic commodities beyond the reach of millions of ordinary Kenyans. During these times, each one of us needs a reliable financial partner who has got your back and won’t turn you down when you need help the most.

Hela Pesa Salary Advance

It is in tandem with the above scenario that Hela Pesa Salary Advance personal loan lays its foundation. On the philosophy of a more accessible, reliable, and dignified way when it comes to the availability of credit. Hela Pesa believes that one needs to have a backup in times of crisis and, to be fair, there hasn’t been a crisis like this in a long time.

Our Salary Advance personal loan boosts your confidence in giving you the power and the knowledge that the door won’t be slammed in your face at the moment of need, setting you apart from the crowd as it goes scrambling around madly, panicking and calling everybody in the phonebook ‘akuangushie kakitu utamsort mwezi ikiisha’.

Instead, we assure you will always be there for you when the going gets tough, as it more often than not, does.  Instead of the panicked scrambling around, we envision a cool, calm, and collected way, sweat and hassle-free, and painless. We envision you sitting by your phone, tapping your phone calmly knowing that in the end, we will always come through.

Personal Finance

Although a Salary Advance is technically defined as a personal loan provided by financial institutions to salaried individuals in borrowing against future earnings, we believe that ours is far superior to what is in the market today. In most cases, this kind of advance is allowed only once on many platforms. However Hela Pesa, through our Salary Advance allows you to borrow multiple times as long as your credit eligibility is intact.

When you repay your loan, Hela Pesa allows you the leeway to borrow and access our Salary Advance over and over again, ad infinitum. This means that you, as a customer are not restricted at all on the number of times you want to borrow, either as a top-up, or a brand-new loan.

This, we believe, gives you massive flexibility in planning your finances whilst at the same time giving you the freedom of not being trapped in a vicious cycle of having to depend on your monthly salary alone in making your budgets.

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Easy Application

Hela Pesa is here to make sure that you minimize the number of hassles and headaches that you have to go through in planning your finances. Deep down, we are human and we understand that it’s quite hard, as goings go currently. That is why we are more than willing to be your partner to see you through these tough times. We strongly believe that with our Salary Advance, the possibilities become endless when it comes to spending your money.

Our Salary Advance package is not restricted to only just emergencies as it has been viewed traditionally. You have the freedom to utilize this loan for any purpose that you feel is right. These include but are not limited to, Holiday and travel expenses, medical expenses, house repairs and renovation, school fees or even starting a side hustle. The list is endless with what you could do with it. The choice is yours.

Hela Pesa Salary Advance is a personal loan and a salary advance all rolled into one. This gives you massive advantages as our client by offering you the best of both worlds when it comes to credit. One advantage of a personal loan is speed and ease of access to the loan and Hela Pesa is right up there with the best of them if not the best. From registration to application to approval and disbursement, we’ve streamlined the process to ensure that the money gets to your phone as fast as possible.

We’re here to ensure that your life runs as smoothly as possible and our speed of access ensures that the anxiety and anguish that is more often associated with loan processing is reduced to the very minimum. Our relationship with you, as a client, is defined primarily by how fast we get you the money that you’ve applied for, and we promise that we won’t let you down.

Ease of Use

Further, as a personal loan, Hela Pesa ensures that your Salary Advance comes as a lump sum. This essentially means that whatever amount you’ve applied for comes in full. This gives you peace of mind and makes sure that we deliver on your dreams and aspirations as exactly as you envisioned them.

This makes it easier to start that side hustle that you’ve always wanted to set yourself up financially or buy that dress you’ve always desired or buy her that gift that will bring your romance to its climax. Further, it gives you peace of mind, especially during emergencies, for example, medications that may require fast and lump sum payments. These can be all achieved by the salary advance and our Hela Pesa Salary Advance makes you sure-footed in the slippery road that is money.

Hela Pesa Salary Advance requires no collateral as a requirement. Unlike traditional loans, our salary advance doesn’t require you to put up your assets to access it. Indeed, unlike other lenders who may also need you to bring in guarantors, Hela Pesa chooses deliberately not to go that route.

We believe in our clients therefore putting them through hoops to provide credit is not our philosophy. We believe in a working relationship with our clients and an establishment of trust is one of the core ways of establishing that business relationship.

As a salary advance, on the other hand, our product is thus guaranteed by your government employer. This essentially means that you do not have to go around talking people into backing you when you need a line of credit. For us, your employment says more than enough.

Once we have an agreement with your employer, that is all the guarantee that we’ll ever need. This gives us an edge and ensures speed in processing your salary advance Accessing our Salary Advance, all you have to do as our client is to furnish us with your details, and voila! That is all it takes to access our products.

Hela Pesa gives you flexibility and room to choose your credit terms. The amount that you wish to have, the amount of time that it will require you to repay it whether 2 or 24 months it is all in your hands. In further easing your life and especially in repaying your loan, Hela Pesa does all the grunt work for you and simply deducts the amount straight from your check-off account.

This enables you to focus on the most important and valuable aspects of your life because, frankly, we think that keeping a loan repayment schedule constantly in your mind is not the best way to live your life to the fullest and thus should not be getting in the way of living your life. This, we believe is a win-win for both of us as it gives us both, and especially you, peace of mind. This way when your loan has been repaid, you can borrow again and again to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

In line with being the best Salary Advance provider in Kenya, we offer a website where you can register for free. No upfront fees or membership fees are applicable. Further, we provide what we think is the best loan app for a Salary Advance loan in Kenya. The Hela Pesa Loan app gives you the ability and authority to take matters into your hands. In addition to application and disbursement, you can track the performance of your loan, schedule your repayments, apply for a top-up, and so much more.

Part of being a good business partner involves excellent customer relations and that is one of the many fields in which we excel. We recognize that you, the customer are the most important cog in our business. We have therefore pulled all stops to ensure that our interaction with you brings you back again and again. We operate on all platforms, whether on the phone, via email, or via chat to ensure that all your questions are asked. We pride ourselves on being the best by ensuring that you get nothing but the best.

Borrow, Top Up and enjoy financial freedom

Join over 400k registered users borrowing over a million shillings with no collateral. Borrow using your payslip to get new loans and top-ups for existing customers. Whether in the county government, National government, Parastatals or any government institution in Kenya, you’ll benefit from access to the cheapest financial products in Kenya. Plus, there is no paperwork. Apply now on the Hela Pesa App today and start borrowing.

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Borrow, Top Up and enjoy financial freedom


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