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Our Mission to our clients

The great-souled, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand, once said that the customer is THE most important visitor that a business can ever have. That the whole universe, and by extension, the existence and sustenance of any business, wholly depends on the customer. Without the customer, nothing in a business works, and nothing ever will. Thus it’s our mission to ensure we serve our clients diligently.

We put you ahead of everything

In offering our Salary Advance personal loan, we are competing with hundreds if not thousands of firms, and your belief in us means everything to us and is greater than anything we could ever dream of.

It is a commitment and a rallying call to ensure that we’re at your beck and call to give you the very best that we can offer as a company. For most firms, dealing with customers involves shutting their eyes tightly and drawing deep breaths just to attend to your needs. To them, interacting with you is nothing but obligatory. Something to be done and get over with.

We, however, believe that it should and, by extension, must be different. For us, this is not an expense but a lofty opportunity to beef up, shore, and uphold a commitment that is integral to our core values and aspirations. Serving you makes us happy. We are willing to do it over and over again because Hela Pesa believes that the real heroes are you, the customer. We, therefore, would like to maintain a relationship with you that goes beyond the Salary Advance Loan.

We want a relationship that lasts forever because without you, we would not be here and we wouldn’t have our exemplary service team to be at your service.

Salary Advance is a niche that is almost if not already, flooded by firms and we are cognisant of that fact. We understand that any customer who agrees to do business with us is worth, many times over, their weight in gold.

As the good professor Theodore Levitt once weighed in, the true purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer, not to make money. Money must come a distant second to how a business must treat its customers. This is because the largest revenue driver in any business is a function of the treatment of its clientele. We believe in the need to put you far beyond and above anything in the firm.

We believe you are a hero

In providing you, the customer, with a Salary Advance Personal Loan, we are not merely providing you a loan. Rather, what we are building with you is a relationship. We understand the implications of loaning. When borrowing, one is left somewhat with a feeling of vulnerability.

We’re here to tell you, though, that that is not the way we view you at all. We feel and believe that we’re building and nurturing a meaningful relationship with you. When you access your Salary Advance Personal Loan, you are a hero, making decisions that will secure your future and those who believe in you.

In this respect, we aspire not to be merely a vendor of Salary Advance Loans, but instead a partner. We are your partners and we hope and bet on everything that we have that this partnership and friendship will last a lifetime. Vendors sell…things, but partners are with you for life.

Through the bad and the good, the beautiful and the ugly, the sweetest and the bitterest. Through all of these, a true partner will always be by your side to see you through all events, both in space and time. We want to be this to you.

We want to be a partner who understands and empathizes, and when the rubber hits the road, there to provide you with a loan to refuel your journey. Our Salary Advance personal loan is an extension of that partnership.

This partnership with us is something that we could never begin to ever quantify, monetary or otherwise but one that we feel looming large every day, but in a good way, offering comfort and further acting like guidance and beacon to ensure that we offer you the best Salary Advance terms that could ever be offered in the market. In our day-to-day journey, we want to be always there when you need us, providing financial help when you need it.

One that is like a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, guiding and showing the way ensuring that we not only serve you better but also be loyal to you just as you have been loyal to us.

You are always important to us

That is why we are more than happy to go out of our way to build, nurture and maintain relationships that are of massive advantage to both of us. The improvement and refinement of our customer service experience are one of such ways we use to nurture the relationship. We believe we are here to ensure that your life runs as smoothly as possible and that means that promptly resolving your issues surrounding the Salary Advance personal loan adheres to this mindset.

We believe, and very strongly for that matter, that you, the customer, are not just an important aspect of our business but the only aspect of our business. You are the sole viewport through which we view our business landscape. Without you, we would be nothing but a blind entity. We believe you are our lifeline. The only thing that is keeping us alive and we would also wish more than anything to celebrate you and the trust that you have put in us. We are honored.

As you head to our website or our app for your Salary Advance Personal Loan, we raise a toast to you and tell you, Asante! for being there for and with us, for believing in us enough to take this financial journey with us.

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Borrow, Top Up and enjoy financial freedom


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