Base salary

“Base salary,” also known as “base pay,” is the fixed amount of money paid to an employee by their employer in exchange for their work. This amount does not include additional compensation such as bonuses, overtime pay, benefits, or any other perks or allowances. The base salary is usually expressed as an annual figure, although […]

Current Salary

Current salary refers to the amount of money an employee is currently earning in their present job. It is typically used in the context of job applications, salary negotiations, and performance reviews. The current salary can encompass various components, including the basic salary, allowances, bonuses, and other financial benefits that an employee receives on a

How to improve your credit rating in 2023

Having a good credit score is important for a variety of reasons, including making it easier to obtain loans and credit cards, qualifying for lower interest rates, and potentially even increasing your employment prospects. In Kenya, credit scores are used by financial institutions and other lenders to assess an individual’s creditworthiness, so it is important

The role of the employer in facilitating check-off loans

In Kenya, check-off loans, also known as salary-deduction loans, are a common form of credit offered by employers to their employees. These loans are deducted directly from the employee’s salary, making them a convenient way for employees to access credit. The employer plays a key role in facilitating check-off loans for their employees and is

Check Off Loan

What is a check-off loan? A check off loan is a type of loan provided by an employer to an employee, with the loan payments being deducted directly from the employee’s salary. The employer acts as a facilitator of the loan, as they are responsible for deducting the loan payments from the employee’s salary and

Check off Loan

What you need to know about Personal loan borrowing

Personal loans are short-term loans taken by a borrower and are usually repaid on a monthly basis. They are usually unsecured and don’t need collateral for them to be issued. Personal loans are normally for amounts from about 1,000 up to 100,000 with repayment terms from one to twenty-four months depending on the monthly charges

Our Mission to our clients

The great-souled, Mr. Mohandas Karamchand, once said that the customer is THE most important visitor that a business can ever have. That the whole universe, and by extension, the existence and sustenance of any business, wholly depends on the customer. Without the customer, nothing in a business works, and nothing ever will. Thus it’s our

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